15 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

If you know me you know I like my protein oatmeal….or Proatmeal. Yes that’s what it’s called. I don’t really enjoy oatmeal without protein powder in it, nor does it help my protein intake at breakfast time since I can’t eat many eggs and don’t eat dairy anymore. This is the perfect quick meal for before my morning workouts, or even those really early 6am shifts because I can make them overnight as well.

15 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

Here’s the thing – overnight oats have become a fad. So much so that Quaker is making their own in single-servings and jacking up the price along with the sugar content. Oatmeal is so simple though. Don’t be fooled! First thing in the morning just pop in whatever oatmeal you like with some milk or water in the microwave. Cooking times and liquid quantity might vary depending on the oatmeal type, the protein powder type, and the consistency you like your oatmeal to be. My ratio is probably about 1 part oatmeal to 1 part milk but I don’t measure. Sorry. But it’s really hard to screw these up.

The overnight version works great with rolled oats whereas the quick version is good for quick oats, but honestly I use both types for both kinds of recipes and I don’t complain either way.

The other thing about overnight oats is sometimes they have chia seeds in them that actually need the time to absorb moisture. I don’t like chia very much so I just avoid it and then it’s a non-issue.

Enough said, let’s get to some of my favorite and often repeated recipes! The majority of them can easily be made gluten free and vegan!

Lemon-Berry Proatmeal

16 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

A light and refreshing oatmeal with flavors of fresh lemon and mixed berry jam. Topped off with some slivered almonds and extra lemon zest! Get the recipe here.

Strawberry Cashew Proatmeal

16 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

The strawberry and cashew combination in this is incredible. The cashew butter mixed in to the oatmeal gives extra creaminess and an incomparable flavor. Topped with cashews and diced strawberries for the perfect balanced meal of carbs, protein and healthy fats. Check it out here!

Chocolate Orange Proatmeal

16 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

Chocolate and Orange? Yes, even Lindt had that idea long ago. I think that’s why this recipe came to fruition. Chocolate protein (oh and look, some chia seeds) along with some fresh squeezed orange juice and orange zest on top make for a unique flavor combination you can’t get bored of. Try it for yourself!

Chocolate Strawberry and Coconut Cream Proatmeal

16 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

Think of this as a plate of chocolate covered strawberries covered in whipped cream. The coconut cream is dairy free and naturally sweetened. The chocolate protein powder and extra cocoa powder give it a super rich dark chocolate taste that complements the strawberries. And you can choose to top it with some crunchy granola or cocoa nibs for texture. Get the full recipe here!

Salted Caramel Proatmeal 16 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

Salted caramel is another favorite go-to here at More than Pancakes. I use dates as my caramel flavor. And then a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt does the trick. Top it with some more chopped up dates for added texture! Check it out here!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Proatmeal 16 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

If you’re like me and don’t eat much bread, this peanut butter and jelly style oatmeal will soothe your longing for a childhood favorite. Stir in some natural peanut butter and homemade jam/berry puree and you basically have a high protein PB&J sandwich in a jar. Have a blast from the past and make it yourself!

Cake Batter Protein Oatmeal

cake batter oatmeal

I’ve played with rainbow sprinkles in a few recipes but typically only for birthdays. However, who says you can’t have birthday cake flavored oatmeal any other morning, especially when it’s made healthy like this recipe from Dashing Dish

Eggnog Proatmeal 16 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

Eggnog season is fun. Using some coconut milk or almond milk eggnog in place of the milk or water, you can make this protein oatmeal and drizzle it with a yummy eggnog/nutmeg glaze! Sprinkle a little more cinnamon and nutmeg on it for a perfect breakfast on a cold winter morning. Pin the recipe and save it for this holiday season!

Apple-Pecan Pie Proatmeal 16 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

Of course there’s a fall recipe too! Sauteed cinnamon apples and pecans in maple syrup and cinnamon. Drizzled with a little peanut butter (because why not?) It’s crunchy, sweet, and full of delicious fall flavors. See the recipe here.

Blueberry Almond Coconut Proatmeal 16 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

Blueberries, almond and coconut. A great summer trio. Feel a bit tropical eating this nutritious combination. Antioxidants, Vitamin E and healthy fats galore! Get the recipe here!

Cold Brew Coffee Protein Oatmeal

cold brew coffee oats

Mmmmm I’m not even supposed to have coffee but I’ll do it for a recipe like this one from Love and Zest. I’d top it off with some coconut cream to make it taste like a creamy Frappuccino.

 Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Proatmeal 16 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

Of course, the BEST combination in the world. Chocolate + Peanut Butter + Banana = True Love. I don’t think there’s a better trio of foods. Check it out for yourself.

Brownie Batter Proatmeal

16 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

A close second to Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana is the Brownie Batter. Super rich chocolatey flavor from adding cocoa powder in the mix. A little extra sweetener from dates and the secret ingredient that makes it taste like brownie batter – butter extract. Add cocoa nibs for that extra crunch! See all the chocolate goodness here.

Creme Brulee Proatmeal

16 Amazing Protein Oatmeal Recipes

Get fancy for breakfast and break out the torch! With a little caramelized coconut sugar and some butter extract, these oats take on the flavor of a delicate dessert but with all the good carbs and protein still included! See for yourself!

Cinnamon Roll Protein Oatmeal


This is a simple one I’ve made my own version of but I love this recipe over on Food Faith Fitness. (Awesome blog btw!). She incorporates coconut sugar and cream cheese to make a glaze/frosting very reminiscent of the delicious sugary white stuff that comes in those plastic pouches in a roll of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. But the best part is it’s way healthier!

I hope you found some great recipes to try for tomorrow’s morning bowl of protein oats! Feel free to indulge away in these high-fiber, high-protein, gluten-free, and mostly-vegan treats. Your body will thank you for it!


What are some other oatmeal flavors you’d like to see on More than Pancakes!?

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