Hi! I’m Ashley. I’m 25 years old and have spent the past 7 years bouncing around the Triangle area of North Carolina. From engineering school at NC State to becoming a personal trainer and health coach, my early adult life has been a crazy adventure and this blog is a result of that.

After moving to my own two bedroom apartment in North Raleigh a year after graduation, I fell in love with photography, and cooking and baking healthy food for myself. I started a free blog to share my photography and watch how I improved overtime. This evolved into taking photos of recipes I grabbed off Pinterest when learning how to cook and sharing those.


As my love of health and fitness grew, and I developed more of an interest in food photography, More than Pancakes took on a health and fitness theme.

I spent months cultivating my passion for health and fitness and after a short time at my third engineering job I realized something was missing from my career – fulfillment. And at 25 years old, there isn’t really a light at the end of the career tunnel. So I thought life was too short to spend 50 years of your life doing something that doesn’t make you happy. Health and fitness were the biggest priorities and passions of mine at the time so I thought I would turn them into a career.

I received my ACSM Personal Trainer Certification in July of 2016. I spent the next 6 months transitioning to part-time engineer, part-time trainer and online health coach with Beachbody. I fell in love with Beachbody and while these first few months were a lot of work with little reward, I believed it was the right thing and would eventually let me live my dream life if I kept at it.

Then I got the news that my office job was going to give me 2 months to find new employment. My Beachbody or training businesses are nowhere near established enough to support myself with them. So I went on the hunt for a gym job and that’s where I am now…

My hope is to support myself training at a gym while I grow my Beachbody business. I aim to live a life of financial freedom, being my own boss, working from home or wherever I want to work from, and doing things I love to do so much that I will work on nights, weekends, and Christmas Day.

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Look around for nutritious, interesting recipes, workout plans, motivational stories, and more. And of course, let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you!

Recipe and Photography Disclaimer

All recipes and photos on this blog are my own unless otherwise specified and credited to their owner. Please do not use my content without a link back to the content you are using. Thank you!


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