DIY BodyRock Equalizer (Dip Station)

Lately I’ve really been focusing my energy on exercising and eating right. I just finished Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred which was, in a word, awesome. So I decided to start BodyRock workouts (also known as DailyHiit). I’m doing the Hiitmax challenge which I started today. One thing about these workouts is they use a lot of equipment which they sell on their website for a lot of money. But their website also has a lot of DIY ideas for equipment! And in each video, the trainer will usually talk about modifications to the exercises if you don’t have certain equipment.

The first one was for the equalizers, or dip station as it’s probably more commonly known as. These are used for tricep dips, elevated push ups, inverted pull-ups, ab tucks…and probably more things I haven’t seen yet.


(all 1/2″ diameter PVC pipe)
2x 20″ pieces
4x 24″ pieces
8X 7″ pieces
(I did all of this out of two 10′ pieces)

8 end caps
4 T-intersections
4 90 degree elbows
PVC cement
Something to cut PVC with


These materials cost me under $40 and will make two equalizers. They are sold on the website for $100 a piece so the money and short amount of time that went into this were well worth it.

So I started by having my dad cut the pipe for me. ­čÖé I’m sure I could have done it myself, but he likes┬áto be the one using his power tools.


Then, it was just a matter of using the cement to put all the pieces together. It came together really easy. I didn’t take pictures because I didn’t want to risk getting cement on my camera.


Lastly – spray paint. Any color you want! (or have). Picture is at the end.

Update 5/2016:

I’ve been using my equalizers for a year and a half now and I have to say they are a great addition to my workout gear!I do pretty much all the exercises I listed above but they are some of the BEST exercises. You can also do elevated variations of plank on them and it gives your abs an extra burn than doing them flat. I highly reccommend these for any home gym. My only advice is to fill the bottom with some sort of sand or weight because mine are a little rocky…especially because I use them on carpet.




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