Meal Plan Madness – Week of January 2nd

I’m going to start something new this year (should have started yesterday – already falling behind at it whatdya know? ha). I’ll be posting every Sunday what my meal plan and shopping list looks like for the week. Most will probably be recipes I have NOT done yet but some will be repeats. They will likely be pretty budget friendly, of course healthy, and simple because my schedule soon enough is not going to allow me to over-complicate things in the kitchen anymore.

If there’s ever any confusion on how to make something don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m available to answer questions.


After doing this first week’s post it makes more sense that I post my weekly recaps after the fact instead. That way I’m not lying to you about what I ate and I have photos to share of the recipes I made!

Meal Plan Disclaimers:

  • I workout every morning and usually have a snack before. If it’s yoga though I jump right into that without a snack since it’s not as intense. If you don’t workout in the morning time your workout snack for later in the day.
  • I am trying to gain weight. This is a 2100-2400 calorie bracket plan. Adjust portion sizes and snacks accordingly! A good rule of thumb is if you’re every hungry and you’re eating what you’re supposed to be eating – add more veggies or protein (green and red containers, see list below).
  • I plan 4-6 snacks for the week so I can have different ones each day. I time them so I’m eating every 2 hours. This might change as I’m still currently recovering from disordered eating and cutting back a little on how much I exercise in order to control my hunger.
  • I have dessert every day because it usually is made with protein powder or Shakeology. This satisfies my sweet tooth to help control cravings and gives me the protein I need to gain muscle. This isn’t necessary for a weight loss diet and you can use Shakeology or protein powder as a breakfast shake instead.
  • You can swap out food sources if you don’t like a particular veggie or carb. For example if you don’t like mushrooms in  your scrambled eggs sub it for another veggie. If you don’t like cottage cheese, use Greek yogurt. I try to follow the 21 Day Fix list (for the most part. See below.) so you can always sub anything from the same color category in any meal you find.
  • These meal plans are designed to inspire  you, not for you to follow to the T. Everybody is different, has different preferences and different schedules/time to prep. I cook two entrees a week and that feeds me lunches and dinners. You might do something different, especially if you feed a whole family. I snack a lot…you might not have time to at your job. So use it for ideas, not as your own plan! You have to find what works best for YOU. This is just what MY plan is so it’s likely not going to work for you too.


Okay so here’s my first go at this! I just went shopping today and I’m about to make the chicken pesto dish and the chili – both of which I have made before but haven’t posted yet! Ah! They’re on the list for this week though actually so if you’re seeing this a while after I’ve posted, I’ve linked back to those recipes.



Sweet Potato Breakfast Parfait

Strawberry Protein Ice Cream

Chocolate Protein Mug Cake

Spaghetti Squash Pesto Chicken and Veggies

Three Bean Turkey Chili

Chipotle Ranch Dip

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