Muscle-Building Meal Plan: 2017 Week 18

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Here’s a recap on week 18 of 2017. Can’t believe it’s May already. But I’m almost ready for summertime and poolside days. Just a couple more weeks to be bikini ready! (and enjoy some not-ungodly-hot-yet North Carolina weather).

What I had:

What I made:

(last) Friday:

YES I spent most of my day cooking. Justin took care of the sausage at lunch time. He also bought a ton of squash and zucchini so I made sure we used it all.

Sunday (morning)

What I Ate:


Sunday was a day I had to work in the morning trying to hit budget. I ate breakfast at my parents’ house because I crashed there Saturday night after my brother’s birthday dinner. They live much closer to the gym than I do. So I still went in for a workout that I would normally have done at Planet Fitness with Justin before I clocked in for a little while that day. I did neurotically pack food with me the previous day to ensure I had everything I needed for Saturday/Sunday – even brought my own dessert for Saturday night (the chia pudding) so I could avoid the ice cream cake my mom got for my brother.

Week 18 - 01

Week 18 Meals-8755


Monday was a normal day. Upped my working set weight on deadlifts and felt really strong during the rest of my workout. I can definitely tell a difference since I’ve been training a lot heavier and more frequently.

Week 18 - 02

Peanut Butter Banana and Prune Protein Shake
Peanut Butter Banana and Prune Protein Shake


I had such BAD chocolate cravings today, probably because I was in a bad mood. I tried to ignore them but 2 hours after drinking the chocolate UCAN shake I broke down and had to go buy a little dark chocolate raspberry bar from Trader Joe’s. UCAN by the way is amazing – it doesn’t taste the greatest if just mixed in water but throw it in a protein shake after or before your workout and it gives you energy for hours. It’s a modified starch designed to release super slow so it doesn’t spike blood sugar or insulin. Reduces cravings, or between-meal munchies, and definitely definitely helps get through the afternoon slump in energy.

Week 18 - 03


Wednesday was a weird day because I had a client meeting at 10am and so I got in even earlier than usual for my workout. This didn’t space my breakfast and sweet potato out much but Wednesday is a LONG workout day. Legs and shoulders feels like two workouts. So I ate the potato on my way in (yes I even eat them while driving), and I packed half a banana with me for an inter-workout snack. Keeps me going and feeling strong enough to hit shoulders after murdering my lower body! I prepared myself to tackle my chocolate cravings this day too by making the Paleo bread for breakfast and saving my chocolate zucchini bread for later in the day (and eating it in halves).Week 18 - 04

Low Fat Peanut Butter-Banana Nicecream
Low Fat Peanut Butter-Banana Nicecream


Thursday I participated in Alpha Training Certification at the big club in North Raleigh. That place is huge and it amazes me how busy it stays all day. I had tons of fun learning Olympic lifts, practicing coaching techniques and program design, and some gymnastics moves (new goal: handstand push-ups). I came prepared of course and packed snacks throughout the daWeek 18 - 05

Easy Roasted Chicken Squash and Sweet Potatoes
Easy Roasted Chicken Squash and Sweet Potatoes


I had to be in Knightdale at 6:45am for my brother’s graduation ceremony (which was cancelled, after we just made it into Greenville an hour away from home). Before the cancellation, I had no idea how I was going to meet a client for a make-up session or just go do my own workout, hit the grocery store, cook some things to bring to the party and write programs for two private clients. So I packed several snacks and my lunch with me before heading to Knightdale in case I wasn’t going to be home for a while. Since the ceremony was cancelled, I skipped family breakfast they decided on instead (since I had already eaten breakfast and a snack at that point), and managed to get most everything accomplished before heading back for the party.

Also important to note: My history with disordered eating still haunts me every day and events like this can be a little stressful. I try not to let anxiety take over and control what I do and do not eat anymore though – I allowed myself a few delicious things in moderation, stayed away from things known to upset my GI tract. I also enjoyed everything I ate thoroughly (and a few beers too!) without overdoing it and feeling guilty or really sick. This is a big win for me!!

Week 18 - 06

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies


I had work and two private client meetings. I rearranged my schedule in order to meet one but due to a miscommunication I thought she didn’t show and left after waiting for 20 minutes so I could squeeze in my own workout before my shift. (I was planning on just skipping it entirely but always have backup clothes in my gym bag). I didn’t have my pre-workout for this reason, but still had enough energy to do a quicker workout. I did dropsets on the bench press and that KILLED.  Fortunately I happened to bring a great post-workout snack, just in case. Because I’m a freak. I’ll admit it.

I had to make the tuna salad quickly before bed Friday night (after getting back from the party) so I wouldn’t have to get a Jimmy John’s unwich with double meat for $7 between jobs. I started next week’s meal prep after working most of the day with the burgers and veggies. Some of the mushrooms and peppers will be for breakfast so I knocked out a good chunk of it.

Week 18 - 07

And now I feel like doing nothing the rest of the weekend (as in, just today). But more meal prep duties call so that I can keep filling my days with healthy, delicious food and create the content I share with all of you beautiful people. It’s just what I do. 🙂


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