Muscle-Building Meal Plan: 2017 Week 19

Another weekly recap brought to you this beautiful Sunday morning. Here are the juicy details:

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The Workouts:

Still the same routine. 20 sets, twice a week for each muscle group. I added in some kipping practice on pull-up day.

I had to switch shoulders to the second back/biceps day because I didn’t have time to hit them Wednesday due to a dentist appointment.

I stopped eating the starbursts because my diet was too high in sugar.

The Food:

I kept it kind of simple this week. Keeping it grain-free and dairy-free except the morning I tried oatmeal again. Still not having great results with that. I did have ice cream (Halo Top! Love those macros!) on Saturday night which didn’t sit well either so dairy is definitely out for me.

What I had:

What I made:


We ate on a weird schedule today just because. When we hit the gym at about 7:30am and get home we want some real food in our stomachs so we are our lunch food that we already had prepped at around 10am. Then we cooked up our sausage and breakfast stuff for real lunchtime later. I improvised the cashew butter pancake syrup that morning and it turned out to be really freaking delicious. And since I had to keep adding things to get the consistency right it made a larger quantity than I needed for one stack of pancakes so you’ll see I made use of it over the next few days.

Justin and I did abs together at the gym and I taught him a lot of corrective exercises and stretches to fix his squat form. He got some free training in other words. 😉 Then I finished off with some low intensity cardio.

Week 19 - 01

Flourless Chocolate Protein Pancakes
Flourless Chocolate Protein Pancakes


Over the weekend Justin and I found some Protein+Flax milk made by Good Karma. This stuff is legit – it’s high in protein, and a good source of omega-3’s which I have not been getting since I can’t really afford to eat salmon as much. However, I recently made efforts to add chia seeds to my shakes and actually made some protein brownie bites with flax and walnuts in them to start getting more of those things in there.

Oh and I started to do a cool French Toast thing with my little paleo breads that I make. I make it like normal french toast – egg, a little almond milk, vanilla and cinnamon – dip both sides in it and cook it. but THEN I throw all that remaining egg mixture in the pan and scramble it and put it on top of the toast. Then drizzle with that delicious chocolate cashew butter I concocted on Sunday. I just like mixing things up, what can I say. It was different but oh-so-delicious.


Week 19 - 02

Omega-3 Packed Protein Brownie Bites-8840
Omega-3 Packed Protein Brownie Bites


Tried oatmeal again…wasn’t that great of an experiment (again). Maybe sticking to gluten-free is necessary too. My oats were not certified gluten-free. Oh and I definitely drank my BCAA’s this day like I do during every workout. I just forgot them in this snapshot – easier to type the correction than actually fix it.
Week 19 - 03

Jalapeno Cheddarjack Burgers


Mixed up my shake a little bit today with chocolate and spinach instead of the prunes and PB2. As delicious as it is I needed something new. I have no clue what was actually in my dessert since I made it a while ago and just pulled it out of the freezer but it was definitely avocado and chocolate with either peanut butter or PB2 in it.

Funny story: I had a dentist appointment this morning and then went straight in for my workout after it. I had to ask the hygenist if there was a plastic fork or spoon I could take with me so I could eat my sweet potato in the car. She thought this was amusing. I have to get that pre-workout fuel in somehow!

Week 19 - 04

Paleo Almond Flour English Muffins


So I started a D.Tox diet this week, but slightly modified. Instead of taking out caffeine I switched to just one morning cup of tea. I’m not eating any chocolate after meals – not even if it’s 85% cocoa. Cocoa powder and protein powder are my sources of chocolate for the next two weeks. I’m leaving eggs in (because what would I eat if I didn’t?), and I’m still avoiding all grains even though only gluten-free ones are banned. I’m not buying cage-free, pasture-raised, organic meat or whatever the hell kind of meat costs me my soul. And I’m allowing some canned products (like tomatoes in my barbecue sauce…I just don’t see a problem with that since I’m making it, not buying a bottle of it). So this is a big hurdle to jump over and since I’m only half-assing it, it may not do me much good with the digestion side of things. But I’m hoping it helps to ween me off coffee and my horrible, horrible chocolate habit.

Oh and the sweet potatoes were a totally improvised, had-to-scrounge-for-it meal to get me through the end of the week. But they were awesome and I’ll share them early this week.

Week 19 - 05

Taco Tuna Salad Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


I made a new pancake syrup, this time without the maple syrup since it isn’t D.Tox approved. And to avoid all the sugar from the date syrup I added some drops of liquid stevia. I had to prep just one chicken breast with some BBQ sauce and pineapple – it was a last minute meal and I had to go to the Food Lion across the street for some stuff but it was a good one! I made just two servings so I had lunch for Saturday too. And now I have BBQ sauce for the week…

I also wanted a way to satisfy chocolate cravings while on this D.Tox thing so I made some protein brownies that are sweetened only with banana and prunes. And PACKED with omega-3’s from flaxseed and walnuts. So healthy!

Week 19 - 06


Today’s workout would have been my last strength day – Chest and Tri’s. BUT my new program starts tomorrow and I’m beginning with finding my max bench press since that’s something I can do at planet fitness and I’ll have Justin there to spot me. So today I just started diving in to more Alpha-style things. Alpha is basically Lifetime’s signature version of cross-fit – but more methodical than cross-fit. A lot of the same exercises are involved. So I practiced kipping, muscle up drills, handstand push-ups, and power cleans. I also got my front squats in since I skipped them on Wednesday due to my shoulder acting kind of weird.

The popsicles I made to share with my friend coming over to hang that night while Justin went out with a guy friend. They were the simplest thing I could think of that didn’t need added sweetener. I made them with:

  • 1/2 cup coconut milk fat (from the can!)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 serving chocolate protein powder
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/4 cup or so of almond milk (enough to blend it smooth)

Week 19 - 07

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