Muscle Building Meal Plan: 2017 Week 33

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I tried a new meal prep strategy last week! It worked so well I’m doing it again this week. I batch cooked one big meal for me and Justin, he picked up sandwich supplies for himself for lunches, and for my other prep I picked out 2 proteins, 4 vegetables, 3 starches, and 3 sauces. Then I made 6 entirely different meals out of it all. I had leftovers of a few different things too so I could scrounge up something for lunch on Friday after running out.

I think this is the BEST way to get variety in. I made one sauce on Friday, pulled one out of the freezer, and the other was just hot sauce and taco seasoning (no prep required). I had already cooked some chicken and quinoa, so I made a crap ton of rice to last longer than just this week. Then the veggies and turkey all got cooked in the span of one hour on Sunday afternoon (plus cleanup time). I got to enjoy a different meal each day which made up for the really lame salmon casserole I made that I didn’t enjoy as much.

I’ll get to what creative concoctions I put together with all of this…but first…


Week 4 of my olympic lifting program. I’m just going to continue moving through it and keep building on the weight as I get the form down, even though it was designed as a 4 week plan. I’m sure with the light weights I’ve been handling I don’t need a recovery week from it.

Things I accomplished:

  • Had mom meet me at the gym for a workout – I basically trained her but did a few of my own things alongside. It was fun!
  • Snatch – 50lbs
  • Clean + Jerk 85lbs
  • I’m still working on my front squat depth. I’ve been calling 145 my max but that’s barely below parallel so this week I made sure I got the depth it needed to really count!

These are the biggest things but in general I’m getting way more comfortable with form and the movement patterns of everything.


  • I have officially ruled coffee and eggs out of my diet. It’s depressing but it’s for the best. I’m also eliminating artificial sweeteners for good and trying to keep chocolate things to breakfast, pre or post-workout, and dessert. The other sweets I have throughout the day are fruit.
  • Pre-workout before, BCAA’s during or after.
  • I still surround each workout with protein and carbs, focusing on protein 1-2 hours before, and carbs within 1 hour after. (more like 10 minutes because I’m ravenous at that point).
  • I found a new energy drink to sub for coffee on days I don’t take pre-workout (or forget it) – it’s called Zevia Energy and I can’t find it in stores although I have seen regular Zevia in some places. I got a 12 pack for a decent price on amazon and it definitely does the trick. It’s all natural (no artificial sweeteners, flavors or sugar alcohols), only contains 6 ingredients and has 120mg of caffeine in it so it’s not a total overload.

Meal Plan


Yes I have a lot of oatmeal these days…only so much I can do without eggs. And I need the carbs!

Pre or Post-workout

  • Protein Shake in almond milk + piece of fruit – NOTE: I do 1/2 serving in my breakfast oatmeal and 1/2 in my protein shake. I’ll usually add either cocoa powder or some PB2 or UCAN to the mix to thicken each of them.
  • Microwaved sweet potato
  • Chocolate fruit+nut bark – made it for dessert but it ended up at work with me so Justin wouldn’t eat it all…and then I ate it all so that backfired. Recipe to come though because it was AHMAZING.
    Week 33 Muscle Building Meal Plan


  • Ground Turkey with Chipotle Peach Sauce, brown rice and caramelized onions
  • Chicken  Tikka Masala with mushrooms, peppers, quinoa, and spinach
  • Ground Turkey Tikka Masala with peppers, mushrooms, spinach, brown rice, and sweet potatoes
  • Taco Turkey with peppers, mushrooms, onions, and quinoa
  • Chicken Sausage  Tikka Masala with broccoli (leftovers of Justin’s), brown rice and onions
  • Chicken with Chipotle Peach sauce, sweet potatoes, onions and mushroomsWeek 33 Muscle Building Meal Plan

You can see I had two starches in some meals because for a moment I forgot sweet potatoes were a starch. But for me that’s fine, I just ate those on my heavier training days.


  • Fruit: Prunes, Kiwi, Grapes, Peaches
  • Celery and Peanut Butter
  • Deli Turkey Slices
  • Chocolate fruit+nut bark


I realize there is still an excessive amount of sweets/chocolate in this meal plan. However, I think that’s because all of the sweet things are the ones I’m more likely to photograph because they’re the most delicious. I really did have a bunch of meals and snacks that weren’t on the sweet side this week. Also, because of my high carb tolerance and inability to put on muscle, I definitely need the carbs found in all of these sweets – I aim to find a better balance between the sugar/fructose and the complex carbs though. This comng week I’ll up my portion sizes for the rice, quinoa, and oatmeal. I also bought bigger sweet potatoes. And Justin is sharing all the fruit with me this week so I won’t find it necessary to chow down on it so heavily.

We all have things to work on! Even us nutrition coaches/personal trainers!

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